What I do


Service design

Design for Opportunities & Design for Many

I help my clients to design better services, so that they can offer valuable solutions and memorable experiences to their clients.

By focusing on defining inclusive solutions derived from the different behaviours and objectives of the users, I am able to use design principles to detect and leverage opportunities for improvement and innovation.

Strategic design

Systemic Strategic Design

I help my clients to implement design strategically in their organizations, so that they can generate desirable solutions, be responsive to change and innovate in a sustainable way. 

Since design solutions must have an impact upon a complex, interconnected and changing environment, I start from a systemic point of view, considering all facets of an organization or an environment during the process.


Speculative Design

Future Scenarios & Trend-driven Innovation

I help my clients to define alternative, better solutions to the existing ones, guiding them in the process of taking advantage of current changes while anticipating long-term, large-scale shifts.

By researching and analyzing trends and defining future scenarios that stimulate creativity and are desirable for the users, I help them to improve, pivot and innovate.

Agile Design

Agile Design & Management

As a Scrum Master with an extensive digital product development experience, I help my clients to adopt and apply an agile way of thinking in their design and digital projects, so that they can optimize and streamline their processes while focusing simultaneously on effective, emphaty-driven people and team management.



Facilitation & Training

Design Processes

Through training and facilitation in Design Thinking, Service Design, Agile Management and Scrum I help my clients to acquire the mindsets and master the tools associated with these disciplines. 

Using my extensive experience in facilitation and managing team dynamics, I deliver sessions which are characterized by a highly practical, dynamic approach that helps participants to understand both the theoretical elements and master their practical application to real cases.